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    My name is Nicolas Vahé, I am a cook and entrepreneur based in Denmark  


    What I love about food is the diversity of style and the freedom it gives me to use my creativity to get the best result.  

    Food is all about happiness, good food gives good feeling, that´s the point.


    I grew up in France and moved to Denmark 20 years ago.

    Growing up in a family, where everybody works in the food industry, it was quite natural for me to continue, in my own way.

    Inspiration most often occurs in the choice of raw materials. As a cook, I see myself more spontaneous than technical. I enjoy combining traditional recipes with “modern cuisine” from around the world.

    I am currently working on the opening of a restaurant / wine bar concept.

    Below you will find my recipe for the perfect chocolate cake with a Christmas twist.


    Bon Appetit





    Thanks to my profession as a quite the active brand consultant with an overly excited writers desire and a passion to share good taste and clothing on social platforms I have to be adaptable – nonetheleast in my choice of outfit – because one day is rarely the same as the one before and you also do not know whether you “get home” before suddenly faced with cold bubbles and risotto balls in hand. In other words it requires just a little extra thought, when I step out of the door at 7 in the morning. Although it is demanding, it is a lifestyle by choice – and I love it! The art of dressing, is an art I hold dear, which you can also hear more about it in my podcast with Euroman here. But Autumn and Winter requires a little more clothing and sense than the other two seasons. And below is a little read about how I do.

    Although I reserve the right to withdraw my statement a maximum of three times during (what I fear will be) a long winter, I would still venture to say that I love the Fall and the Winter! Best season of year that unique rite of passage from the shorter Summer days that transcend into more and more earthy color schemes and milder temperature and thus we are in November, and you can not avoid wearing multiple layers. 

    I love the fact that when we hit “Fall Winter”, all my good wool qualities (especially socks if you hit me on a good day), the thin knit blouses for use under the thick shirts and vice versa, the power suits which I can wear without further outerwear but a scarf all pop up in my wardrobe. You should aim at having proper staples that help you out unconsciously too! With the hope that you can see where I’m going, I’ll let the pictures speak below so you can get a clue to your Autumn wardrobe and your own layers.

    A little heads up: It’s okay to think in colors mate. Black is not always the coolest go-to! Enjoy.

    - Virgil Nicholas, blogger and one of the best dressed men in Denmark.



    Visit us to see the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection in January and February.

    You will find us on the following fashion fairs:

    PITTI UOMO, Florence Italy 10/1 – 13/1
    SEEK, Berlin Germany 17/1 – 19/1
    JACKET REQUIRED, London UK 26/1 – 27/1
    CIFF, Copenhagen Denmark 1/2 - 3/2