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    Find us this summer in London and Copenhagen for our new SS18 collection.
    Jacket Required in London 26th - 27th of July.
    The Old Truman Brewery | Hanbury Street | London E1 6QL

    Ciff in Copenhagen 9th - 11th of August.

    Bella Center | Center Boulevard 5 2300 | Copenhagen S


    You have most likely noticed that spring has arrived. We have our headquarter in Copenhagen and with spring comes a new suit. From Suit. We’ve asked our chief designer Aske Nørregaard a few questions since the new styles are not as formal as one would probably would think...
    Aske - you’ve introduced a new line of suiting this spring. Tell us about the idea:
    - We wanted to rethink the whole - and traditional - way we think about suits - and how we wear them. The new suits from the SP17 collection have been designed for several purposes and looks and that is why the suits can be used as a slightly formal work suit, as a laid back looking suit or for a night out. That was a necessary thing to have in mind during the design process - a “normal” suit can not be used in the same ways - in our minds that is.
    A suit is normally considered “formal wear”, but you’ve toned that down a bit. How come?
    - We wanted to bring down the jacket to a less formal status - and integrate it to a part of the everyday outfit; even for people who wouldn’t
    wear a blazer to work. The look and shape of the jacket will however be able to look differently according to the other garments the man will be wearing - and what context he will be in. The conclusion must be to keep the style and the idea of the blazer jacket, but to make it - and wear - a bit less formal.
    So, three “new” objects to go with a suit could be…?
    - You will never go wrong with a T-shirt, a pair of sneaks and a cap! Just think in terms of objects that a banker in a suit never would wear, and there you go.


    Interview made by Nicolaj Klingenberg, lifestyle blogger and owner of my-pleasure.dk







    “My name is Kasper Alsing and I am a medical student, bike/skateboard enthusiast, freelance illustrator, and muralist based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    To describe my odd combination of interests I have to introduce you to the two different parts of the human brain.
    The left side of the brain, also known as the left hemisphere is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. Furthermore, it takes the main responsibility of performing logical tasks such as language, mathematical skills, and analytic thoughts.
    The right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body and executes more abstract tasks such as three-dimensional understanding, creative thoughts, artistic skills, and music awareness.

    Using both hemispheres is my personal key to a healthy and happy mind.
    What I like most about medicine is the possibility to get insight into the human body, help others in need or through research to have a chance to improve health.
    Science is often very strait forward where we search for an answer to a given question. And if you don’t know the cause to a patient’s disease, you need to investigate patterns in symptoms to find the most suitable diagnosis and following treatment. 
    In contrast to the very fixed way of thinking in the field of medicine, what I love about painting and drawing is the freedom to create whatever comes to your mind. Having the opportunity to break loose from a stressful time and vanish into another dimension where only your fantasy sets the limits.
    As an illustrator I typically make black and white drawings characterized with a graphical fine line. My images do not have a repeating theme or character, but are more like imaginary snapshots or ideas I try hold on to and illustrate.
    Usually, I do not have any deeper thoughts or political statements with my drawings, but I hope to poke to the inner childish fantasy we all have, which often is hidden away by our busy professional lives.  

    The more resent years I have been part of a mural art crew called Green Finger Crew, with my good friend Tore Gyllenborg. Making wall art has been giving us chances to paint at festivals such as Roskilde Festival, TED, Northside, and even get abroad.
    Many people have knowingly been asking me if I would choose either to follow my creative mind or being a doctor. But for me it is not a question about choosing one over another, but more a question finding a balance in between.
    Coincidentally, while trying to connect creativity and medicine I became a part of the world’s first research center and treatment clinic of tattoo complications at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen. My motivation is through research to create more attention to the many problems people experience in short- and long-term after getting a tattoo. Hopefully more regulations and laws will come in the future – not to illegalize tattoos, but in order to protect the customers.
    You can find more of my work and daily content on Instagram at @kasperroeghat”