"My name is Joel Hyppönen and I am a freelance photographer, marketer and overall creative based in Norway.


What I love the most about photography is the freedom it gives to express how we perceive the daily moments around us. It was not until few years ago I discovered photography as a creative outlet but ever since the camera has been traveling everywhere with me.


As a photographer I would describe myself as not so technical but rather someone who tries to interpret different moods and emotions in a natural and honest way.


Growing up in the nordics, we have a long season of darkness and I think photography has helped me to dive into those moments during that season and forget about reality for a second. It has a power to inspire more than many other things and that’s also the effect I want my work to carry, simply inspire and encourage people to see things in different perspective and be playful.


Talking about inspiration, where I draw inspiration is a colourful mix of stuff such as places I visit, people I meet, books & movies and other photographers work. Mainly those who tell extraordinary stories and capture human nature in a real and raw way capture my attention.


Suit has an amazing eye for aesthetics and I love the product line they carry. So for this shoot I wanted to take it outside of Scandinavia and combine those base elements and capture the essence of Southern California and tweak it into the way I feel it, raw, minimalistic and moody. You can find more of my work and daily content on Instagram at @jollejolle or my website”.