You have most likely noticed that spring has arrived. We have our headquarter in Copenhagen and with spring comes a new suit. From Suit. We’ve asked our chief designer Aske Nørregaard a few questions since the new styles are not as formal as one would probably would think...
Aske - you’ve introduced a new line of suiting this spring. Tell us about the idea:
- We wanted to rethink the whole - and traditional - way we think about suits - and how we wear them. The new suits from the SP17 collection have been designed for several purposes and looks and that is why the suits can be used as a slightly formal work suit, as a laid back looking suit or for a night out. That was a necessary thing to have in mind during the design process - a “normal” suit can not be used in the same ways - in our minds that is.
A suit is normally considered “formal wear”, but you’ve toned that down a bit. How come?
- We wanted to bring down the jacket to a less formal status - and integrate it to a part of the everyday outfit; even for people who wouldn’t
wear a blazer to work. The look and shape of the jacket will however be able to look differently according to the other garments the man will be wearing - and what context he will be in. The conclusion must be to keep the style and the idea of the blazer jacket, but to make it - and wear - a bit less formal.
So, three “new” objects to go with a suit could be…?
- You will never go wrong with a T-shirt, a pair of sneaks and a cap! Just think in terms of objects that a banker in a suit never would wear, and there you go.


Interview made by Nicolaj Klingenberg, lifestyle blogger and owner of