SUIT MY TOWN: Copenhagen Signs

This is Jakob Engberg from Copenhagen Signs. If you've ever wondered who's got the steadiest hands in town, this is probably your guy.

Jakob makes hand-painted signs for a living, delivering customized pieces to clients all over the world.

Check out this video to see his work:

I love what I do. I gave up setting the alarm a few years back, but this day I still wake up every morning at seven all ready to create. I can do this for 17 hours straight, and still be on for a new challenge.

I will never achieve perfection - no matter how much I concentrate, or how hard I work. That's the beauty of what I do. There's only one of each, and they all have their own personal touch. If you look closely, my product will always reveal that it's painted by hand. A small trace of the hand that lead the brush. My personal signature.

Everything I've ever done has kind of led up to this. I've worked as a painter for some time. I've also been doing graphic design and photography, trying to explore different creative fields. Around five years ago, I decided to go in this direction and ended up here.

After finishing my education, I went all in on hand painted signs. Luckily, it has been going very well ever since. There are surprisingly few doing this, which means that I get to work a lot!


A lot of what you see on the streets regarding logos and posters are made on a computer. My clients like my work because they want to differentiate in their field. My way of contributing to a brand identity is seldom these days.

When I spot a handmade sign, I associate it with personality and effort. There's a certain compelling charm to it when you're able to see the man behind the product, whether you're looking at leather shoes or painted china.


It's nice to aim for perfection. If you do, you'll end up with something special, but it will never be perfect.

We weren't made that way.