We’ve teamed up with one of the finest bars in Copenhagen

Since 1877, danish artists has frequented Café Brønnum at Kongens Nytorv. The cocktailbar has a long history, and used to be the favourite venue of creative minds like author Hans Christian Andersen, who might have found his share of inspiration here during his time in Copenhagen.

History is preserved at Brønnum. The house vibe and décor will seduce your mind back to the early twentieth century while you sip your drink.

Co-owner Nikolaj Brøndsted is very fond of what they’ve established at the historical address: 

“This place has meant a lot to the area around the Royal Danish Theater, serving as both restaurant and bar for some of the most influential people since its opening in 1877. We’re very aware of this, and we’ve refurbished the place with that in mind. Today, Brønnum is a place for everyone, no matter if you came just to chat with your friends - or get a drink with class. Our guests like it here, because we’re all about the good experience: Every guest is met in the door by our well-dressed staff, and we take good care of them.”

We find this place very tasteful, which is why we’ve developed and customised the Brønnum uniform. The bartenders at Brønnum are dressed in customised organic cotton jackets from our new ‘Suit Sustainable Lab’ collection. The jacket is created with fitted pockets and a concern for the daily needs of the bartenders.

“Style is everything. It is very important for us to look good while we do what we do, and it sends a strong signal to our guests, that we put a great effort in looking good. In this collaboration with Suit we have pockets designed to fit the check book and corkscrews. This job requires an outfit that is both functional and neat. Our staff preserves the old deeds of showing great manors. Around here, the style-requirements are classy and practical, without being boring.” 

Brønnum has a new secluded courtyard, which you might want to visit when spring arrives and get a chance to check out the new ‘Suit X Brønnum’ jackets in action.


Click here to see the Suit X Brønnum video:

Brønnum video